The OSU Advantage Accelerator operates an accelerator incubator for startup and early stage organizations. We offer a unique five-month immersive program with special attention design and built for each client.

The goal of our program is to assist in the development of new technology businesses through steady, controlled growth and the creation of local and regional jobs. Through individualized guidance each company will focus on specific business and technical milestones that achieve intended long-term goals with greater opportunities for success.

The program requires that each clients graduate with a portfolio to increase success factors and readiness to launch. We follow an expanded version of the Business Modal Canvas and Customer Development methodology. Our clients graduate with a portfolio tha includes:

1.     Completed Business Model Canvas

2.     Minimal Viable Product

3.     Milestones (both business and technical)

4.     Pro-Formas and Cap Table

5.     Pitch Deck

6.     Elevator Pitch

7.     Web page

8.     Social Media including Twitter with 100 followers

9.     Placed a Google Ad and completed a A/B test

10.   Investor One Pager

11.   Poster for events