The Accelerator Internship Program is designed to give hands on experience researching the commercialization potential of business concepts originating from the Oregon State University community. Student interns take part in a variety of tasks needed to screen and market technologies and business concepts for potential commercial use.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Nominated by university professor;
  • Admission to pro-school or graduate level standing;
  • A demonstrated “world perspective” which combines analytical abilities and business experience with the aptitude to apply these skills to emerging technology;
  • Ability to comprehend novel business models and technologies, understand and clearly describe their essential attributes and distinguishing factors;
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative research abilities;
  • Strong communication skills- verbally and in written form;
  • Self-motivated and willing to take initiative;
  • A demonstrated enthusiasm for the process of moving concepts to commercial application;
  • Ability to communicate professionally through email, documents, in person and over the phone;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of finance, accounting, marketing or other specific business disciplines;
  • Background in a specific technical field- including for example, an undergraduate STEM degree;
  • Familiarity with IT systems, web design, database management, etc;
  • Experience and demonstrated success working on self directed projects;
  • Previous work experience in a technical or business capacity.

Working Environment and Hours:

  • Intern will be a one of approximately eight graduate and undergraduate interns;
  • Interns may be compensated for up to 40 hours/week of work during the summer, and approximately 10 hours/week during the school term;
  • Work will be completed under the direction of Accelerator and/or OCCD staff;
  • Interns will be required to participate in a monthly training session held on the OSU campus;
  • A common work area will be provided for some office work. However since many of the responsibilities involve independent research, it is expected that interns may frequently work off site;
  • Since many projects will involve confidential information and interns may have access to detailed “pre-disclosure” technologies prior to patent filing, they will be required to sign Non-disclosure agreements as a condition of employment.


B.S. Business Administration, Entrepreneurship
MBA of Accountancy
Accountancy MBA
Accountancy MBA
MS in Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering major, Business and Entrepreneurship minor
Commercialization MBA
MBA, Business Analytics
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Economics Minor
Finance and Mathematical Economics, Honors College




MBA - Commercialization

M.S. Civil Engineering, B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, Honors College
MBA - Commercialization

B.S. Accounting

Biological and Mechanical Engineering, Honors College
MBA - Wealth Management

B.A. Liberal Arts

B.S. Computer Science, Business Minor
B.S. in Bioengineering
B.A. new Media Communications
MBA - Commercialization

Ph.D. Chemistry, M.S. Analytical Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry

MBA - Financial Analysis and Manufacturing

Ph.D Chemical Engineering, M.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Chemical Engineering

B.S. College of Journalism and Communication, MBA Commercalization
B.S. in Accounting
BS in Business Information Systems
B.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Business and Bioengineering minor, Honors College
Biochemistry and Biophysics, Honors College
Bioengineering, Honors College
B.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Business Engineering, Honors College
MBA - Market Research
B.S. Bioengineering, OSU Honors College
International Health, MBA - Project Management

M.S. Environmental Engineering, B.S. Engineering

MBA - Commercialization

B.S. Mathematical Economics, Honors College