Accelerate Program

There is currently no active cohort for Accelerate. But we are accepting applications for the Summer Cohort now!

Launch Program

For the most updated information on our former clients, please check out AngelList for our Alumni profiles or our clients websites, listed below! 

Accelerator 2013 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Bauer Labs Beet Solar
BuyBott Cycle Jacket
eChemion Exposure Monitoring
Fan Together G-Demption
Inforemed Microflow
Multicopter NW MuTherm
OilEx Tech Onboard Dynamics
Pikly Valliscor
Vicolo Waste to Watergy
Accelerator 2014 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Agility Robotics Ampere Scientific
Baker Seed Technologies Bosky Optics
ECOKAP Irrigation for the Future
Accelerator 2015 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Benny's Donuts Core Vitality Clinic
Danio Discovery eMSion
Holmwell Software Koan Technologies
NW Research Lab Pure Living
The Curriculum Project Thistle Dew Design

In January 2016, we launched a new program series to better accomodate the stages our clients go through: Iterate, Accelerate, and Launch. Alumni of the Accelerate and Launch programs are listed below, with current clients of either program featured above. * = went on to Launch

Accelerate 2016 Alumni
Winter 2016 Summer 2016
Bee Certain* Hytchr*
Celilo Cycles JULVIA Technologies INC*
Chef Mel's Inc*

Keil Estate Charitable Wines

Coyle LLC* N-Ovative Technologies
Dax Bot BipH Cell
Northwest Educational Software Tone Command*
Seafood Sensor Wildwood Towers
PhArHma Oregon Automation
Pragmatic Fermentation Reactor Safety Consulting
SGWhite Engineering Seiji's Bridge*
The Alumni Mentoring Network  
Theory Software  

Launch 2016 Alumni
Spring 2016 Fall 2016
Bee Certain JULVIA
Chef Mel's Seiji's Bridge
Jitterbug Hytchr


Accelerate 2017 Cohorts
Winter 2016 Summer 2016
Biological Solutions Inc - John Miedema & Sarah Burch  TBD June 2017
Medlink - Aaron Stringfield  
Too Easy Tailgate - Aaron Allie


WattWatcher - Karl Hase  
Hearth Technologies - Nordica MacCarty & Jennifer Ventrella  
Sensible Safety - Monee Johnston  
Smart Cones - Herbert Jenkins  
Surf OR - Ashley Ellenson  
Sunshot Energy - Justin Phillips & Paul King  
Sensiplicity - Austin Meier  
Bird Bus Decoy - Andrew Mosier