Accelerate is a 10 week program for community members and OSU students, staff, and researchers who intend to establish a privately held, for profit organization. The focus of this program is to develop your product/service and accelerate into the marketplace.

The Winter Cohort of Accelerate will begin January 11th. We are no longer accepting applications for this cohort. Please check back in late spring to apply for the Summer Cohort!

Entrance Requirements

  • Intent to establish a privately held, for-profit organization
  • Amenable to advice from staff and mentors
  • Apparent growth prospects as an innovative traded sector entity
  • Comply with all responsibilities in duties as outlined in client agreement and exhibits
  • Intent to drive economic growth and create jobs

Applications for the Winter session of Accelerate are closed. Please check back in late spring if you are interested in applying for the Summer Cohort!

Program Descriptions and Expectations:

  • Program meets every week for ten weeks, alternating between workshop and seminar
  • Graduates must give back to the Iterate program as a mentor.
  • Must participate in Accelerate events (adhoc)
  • Must report jobs plus other metrics as required


  • Intern research
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Mentor Meetings
  • CEO Roundtable
  • Graduation and introduction to the community
  • Potential of funds for attending trade show (Accessing customers) and/or prototype development

Program goals:

  • Validate product market fit
  • Defined (and built) minimal viable product
  • Complete first sales call
  • Repeatable sales model
  • Identified and partially built team (with team gaps identified)
  • Ready to execute and build operations

Graduation Portfolio

  1. Corporate Formation
  2. FTE (1-2)
  3. Bank Account
  4. Website
  5. Tri-fold Brochure
  6. Five-minute Pitch Deck
  7. Elevator Pitch
  8. Product Market Validation