e-MSion technology increases the accuracy of identification and quantification of molecules from complex mixtures while largely eliminating misidentifications. This is accomplished by providing three complimentary methods for fragmenting molecules to provide multiple sets of identity-revealing fingerprints. e-MSion technology is readily adaptable to current mass spectrometers and enables new designs.



Pure Living


Pure Living is an online news aggregator and blog founded by Dr. Alan Kadish and Brad Attig. The site offers articles tailored to motherhood focused on health impacts of environmental toxin exposure. Pure Living is curated to educate and advise women how to easily identify and reduce harmful effects of synthetic chemicals and naturally occurring toxins through lifestyle changes, purchasing choices and diagnostic testing.



Danio Discovery


DanioDiscovery is a contract research laboratory providing customers with critical data regarding the bioactivity of small molecules and mixtures. In the past, to generate this data, it would be expensive and time consuming. We offer a cost efficient and European Union regulators approved alternative, the embryonic zebrafish. Using embryonic zebrafish and unique high throughput data collection and analysis tools, we will provide an unprecedented view of the intrinsic activity of small molecules. The analysis can be collected and reported faster than traditional animal models. Additionally, the embryonic zebrafish platform provides the flexibility to obtain genomic information to discover biological targets and impacted molecular pathways. This data will support the development of high performing small molecules with improved safety profiles.



Core Vitality Clinic


Core Vitality Clinic medical facility provides cutting edge regenerative medical treatments for orthopedic, neuro-degenerative and neuro-developmental conditions along with regenerative aesthetics for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. The procedures offered include adipose-based stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Regenerative therapies as applied in our clinic are defined as cell or growth factor based biological therapies aimed at stimulating and accelerating cellular renewal. This results in healing (regeneration) or rejuvenation of tissues, as seen in facial aesthetics.