Oregon State University is open for business 

As Oregon’s leading public research university, Oregon State offers a diverse portfolio of research innovations, faculty and student talent and specialized laboratories and equipment.

The Advantage Partnerships Program delivers real-world solutions by matching business needs to Oregon State expertise and resources. A joint venture of the OSU Foundation and the Research Office, the Advantage Partnerships Program helps industry access faculty and student talent, develop opportunities for sponsored research and use university facilities for research and development.

Video with Jill Eiland from IntelVideo with Jim Piro from PGEVideo with Tim Weber from HPVideo with Ian Osborne from Blount

Freshman Jake Gilbert, junior Brian Benavidez and sophomore Aidan DalyFreshman Jake Gilbert, junior Brian Benavidez and sophomore Aidan Daly-Jensen demonstrate the working prototype they developed to modernize the user interface for oscilloscopes. The project was funded by a gift from the Tektronix Foundation, as part of the new Collaboratory.

Julie Brandis, Co-Director
Industry Partnering Program
OSU Foundation

Ann Schmierer

Ann Schmierer, Co-Director
Industry Partnering Program
Research Office