The Value of Internships

  • Utilize inexpensive, yet good quality short-term workforce
  • Use internships as a way to recruit and screen potential full-time hires
  • Create a pipeline of future employees and cut down on recruitment costs and risks
  • Benefit from the academic expertise and enthusiasm of college students and postdoctoral researchers
  • Provide specialized experience for students in the field, enabling them to develop professional skills and work ethics

Businesses can draw from a talent pool of skilled, career-ready Oregon State graduates and postdoctoral researchers with relevant research and workplace experience. The student populations will differ by level of initiative, age, maturity, and skillsets.

Types of Talent at OSU


An internship provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience while receiving credit for the internships. The students will apply the science and theory that they have learned in courses to real world situations.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students have competency and knowledge in multiple fields. Through theoretical and experiential learning that supports intellectual, professional and personal development they are prepared for responsible and productive citizenship in a global society. Some undergraduate students may have research experience from working with a faculty member.

Honors Students

Admission to the OSU University Honors College (UHC) is highly competitive and students graduate with the Honors Baccalaureate, Oregon State’s most prestigious undergraduate degree. Honor students are equipped with experiences, connections, and achievements that make them stand out both professionally and in their communities. 

MECOP and CECOP: MECOP (Multiple Engineering CO-OP Program) and CECOP (Civil Engineering CO-OP Program) are internship programs sponsored by Oregon industries open to undergraduate students from disciplines including engineering and business.

Graduate Students and PhD Students

Graduate students and PhD students receive advanced training in their specialized field of studies. Their studies are highly research oriented which prepares them to solve complex problems, discover new ideas and make a positive difference in the world.

For more information on how to engage with students, connect with the OSU Career Development Center at 541-737-4085 or e-mail to

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers are within five years of earning their PhD and are continuing their advanced academic preparation and research training under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Postdocs are independent, driven and focused, and significantly contribute to the research enterprise of the university. They commonly mentor students, lead or participate in grant writing and drive the analysis and publishing of the data they produce. This diverse group of highly skilled and experienced PhD-level scientists includes Postdoctoral Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, Clinical Fellows and Research Associates. The majority of postdocs do not stay in academia but continue their careers in industry, government and the non-profit sector.

For more information on how to engage with postdoctoral researchers, connect with: