Brent is widely recognized as a leading practitioner in the areas of corporate and securities law, having served as chair of the Business Law Section of the Oregon State Bar. 

Diane serves as a Partner with Voyager and focuses on software and digital media investments in the Pacific Northwest, particularly Oregon.

Mr. Froude is a partner with Aequitas Capital Management, president of Aequitas Consumer Services and chief executive officer of CarePayment Technologies, Inc.

Violetta holds an International M.Sc. in Management from EUROMED, Marseille School of Management, as well as a M.Sc. in Economics from University Sorbonne-Pantheon, Paris. 

 Steve retired from Network Appliance (NetApp) in 2011, where he had served as executive vice president and chief financial officer since joining the company in 2002.  

Chair, Board of Advisors

Mr. Gulick retired as chief technology officer of Planar Systems, a global leader in specialty display systems, in 2007.

Julie Harrelson has been an executive and serial entrepreneur for over 20 years serving as a CEO, VP, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, strategist, senior consultant and Fund Manager for Cascade Angels Fund 2014, LLC.  

Dr. Lorenzini became the CEO of NuScale Power following its formation in 2007.

Doug has been with Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. for over 40 years and has shaped the organization's direction and growth. As Board Executive Director, he focuses on client relationships and strategic initiatives.

Tom Nelson was hired in September of 2012 as the Economic Development Manager for the City of Corvallis/Benton County. He previously worked in the same capacity for the City of Sherwood. 

Scott South co-founded and led the start-up phase of Stormwater Management, Inc., a manufacturer of water treatment systems for urban water runoff. 

Chair of the Mentor Committee

Serial entrepreneur, although he has tried to retire numerous times. Dan was named Entrepreneur of the Year for Benton County 2003. 

Mr. Williams was an honored member of the Board of Advisors, serving from the beginning of the program until his passing in October 2014. His contributions the the Advantage Accelerator will be remembered with much gratitude.