Mohammad Ghazvini

A microscale combustor and heat exchanger (µTHERM) that can be used for air, water, or fluid heating has been designed, fabricated and tested. Through its unique design, working fluid at any temperature (as low as -70 oC) can be heated while still maintaining high fuel conversions, leading to high device efficiency. The device is very small and light-weight but still maintains up to 98% combustion efficiency and more than 92% thermal efficiency. Currently, the next generation of the device is being tested as a prototype. Experimental data for this new generation device using both hydrogen and propane as fuels should be available by October 2013. Current estimates are that the device can be up to 10 times smaller than currently available heat pumps, distributed gas heaters, and portable gas heaters of the same output power. There is a tremendous potential to use of this device for portable air and water heating as well as for building heating applications. Other areas are being explored in conjunction with the Oregon State University Venture Accelerator Program.

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