Robert S. Kokenyesi


Beet Inc. provides a disruptive solar cell technology based on proprietary polycrystalline, thin-film absorbers integrated into solar cells that achieve:

  • conversion efficiencies approaching 30% 
  • low module cost of polycrystalline thin-film technologies
  • scalability to high-volume manufacturing (>1TW) using sustainable materials  

Background: Beet Inc. was founded to commercializea new solar cell technology known as C5S, developed by the team at Oregon State University. The C5S technology was initially identified by Beet founders through collaborative research activities in the Center for Inverse Design, an Energy Frontier Research Center sponsored by the Department of Energy. Innovation activities were initiated under NSF Grant CHE-1102637 in support of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and developed under NSF I-CORPS Grant # 1547849.



Dr. Robert S. Kokenyesi, co-Founder: co-inventor of the technology and co-founder of Beet Inc., technology lead.

Dr. Ram Ravichandran, Product Development: one of the original technology developers, provides technology and modeling support.

Dr. Douglas A. Keszler, OSU Distinguished Professor, co-Founder, Science Advisor: also founder of Inpria Corporation, an electronic-materials supplier currently financed by Intel Capital, Samsung Ventures, and Applied Ventures. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Amorphyx Corp., a spinout from the CSMC focused on delivering new backplane technologies for the display industry.


Products/Services: Beet solar cells using C5S technology addresses the market needs for high efficiency, low cost of manufacturing and long-term stability. Beyond the initial product offering to solar cell manufacturers, Beet will provide technical training and product upgrades.

Technologies/Special Know-how: Claims covering the innovation are detailed in the patent entitled Semiconductor Materials PCT/US2014/033363, which has been filed by the Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development at Oregon State University (OSU). Beet has secured an option to license the patent.

Market: The opportunity addressed by Beet is approximately 100 GW in grid-connected power supply using renewable solar energy in 2019 through utility, commercial and residential installations. Additional markets for the technology are off-grid and mobile power supply.

Distribution Channels: B2B, distribution using existing manufacturer’s channels.

Competition: Market acceptance is dictated by a combination of module performance metrics: i) photovoltaic efficiency, ii) cost of manufacturing and iii) operational lifetime. No existing market technology, silicon or thin film, has successfully addressed all three critical components required for the large-scale adoption of PV. Beet’s technology is primed to tackle all three metrics allowing significant growth for solar energy.


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