Alex Bistrika

Business Description: NRGindependence is a chemical company that provides a novel stabilization chemistry to extend the service life of Redox Flow Battery (RFB) electrodes by a factor of X2-3.  This unique technology enables the RFB manufacturers to deliver reliable, long lasting batteries to the end users.

Company Background: We are testing electrode materials for our partner organization RedFlow a RFB manufacturer based in Australia – RedFlow recently partnered with Raytheon to deploy their batteries internationally. The technology originated at Oregon State University out Alex Bistrika’s Ph.D. research. A means to chemically stabilize carbon electrodes was co-invented by Drs. Alex Bistrika, Alex Yokochi, and Michael Lerner.


Alex Bistrika – CEO – Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with 7 years of small business managerial experience.

Pavel Mardilovich – CTO – Ph.D. in Material Science with 3 years in a high tech startup environment.

Svetlana Cooper – Treasurer – Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, MBA track, with 5 years bookkeeping and small business experience.

Malachi Bunn – Board Member – Ph.D. Candidate, Electrochemist, small business board member for 10+ years.

Products/Services: We provide a chemical treatment that guarantees 2-3 fold longer life of reactor cores in any RFB system, including all-vanadium and zinc bromine chemistries.

Technologies/Special Know-How: The technology is currently in the process of being patented through Oregon State University. We’ve been able to develop instrumental techniques with our collaborators at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to perform representative accelerated aging. We are looking to develop new IP around fine-tuning current concepts for suitability in a broad range of chemistries and even non-aqueous systems (e.g., Lithium ion).

Market: Today’s market projections are very exciting with a promise of a multi-billion dollar energy storage market ($10.5B by 2017). The current installed capacity for RFB’s is estimated at just under $20M.

Distribution Channels: We plan to use our partner’s current/established distribution channels to take in, treat, and re-ship to installation site.

Competition: Our direct competitors are the existing novelty electrode manufacturers, e.g., Cabot, SGL, Tokai, etc. Our major advantage is the novelty of the proposed treatment, which utilizes cheap and abundant reagents.

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