Alex Bistrika

We offer innovative solutions to known problems in the Redox Flow Battery (RFB) industry. NRGindependence is working to be the first company to develop a truly long-lived utility scale battery system. Currently, our target battery size ranges from the residential to the industrial/commercial scale (i.e., 3 - 50 kW). The niche service that NRGindependence can offer was developed while Alex was carrying out his Ph.D. research, and encompasses a practical method to preserve electrocatalytic activity of graphite materials in aqueous systems. The significant improvement to service life capacity of the electrodes drastically reduces the cost associated with reactor stack replacement, improves overall system reliability, as well as reduces the risk associated with a degrading system (e.g., increased hydrogen evolution). By addressing some of the long-standing issues with RFB systems, in addition to our extensive battery know-how, this technology is likely to change grid scale storage, and may lead to a more rapid adoption of large scale storage systems around the globe.

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