Jeff Witwer (VP) and Rita Hansen (CEO) of Onboard Dynamics heading into the White House

Congratulations to Onboard Dynamics for their presentation at the White House’s first ever Demo Day!

Rita Hansen: "It was a very memorable experience and will go down as one of the top highlights of my personal and professional career."

Life at the Advantage Accelerator

Skills the OSU Advantage Accelerator interns gain from being actively involved in our program are invaluable. Veteran intern Morgan Tholl interviews her colleague, Jacob Lum.

Congratulations to our Graduates!

The OSU Advantage Accelerator saw a great turn out for our Demo Day on June 25th, 2015

Corvallis Summer Game Jam

Join the Corvallis Game Developers for a 3-day Game Jam on June 26th

Core Vitality Clinic: Company Profile

“I think what we do for our patients is add a real element of wellness to their health care. In other words, we don’t just do disease management; we encourage our patients to be healthy as possible, and also to prevent diseases before they happen.”