OSU Venture Fund Development

Spring 2017 Request for Proposals is Open Update: The Cayuse portal is ready for applications. Applicants should search for "University Venture Development Fund" as the sponsor.

UVDF Budget Template

In 2005 the Oregon State Legislature passed an innovative bill that provides an unprecedented tax incentive for donors who choose to support commercialization of promising university discoveries and campus-based entrepreneurial education by contributing to university venture development funds at the seven Oregon University System (OUS) campuses and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). This legislation was finalized in 2007 with passage of SB 582. The OSU Venture Fund aids nascent technologies emerging from university laboratories in becoming commercially viable and helps small technology companies grow in Oregon. The Fund operates on donations, and provides a generous tax incentive to donors. 

The purposes of a university venture development fund are to provide:

  • Capital for university entrepreneurial programs
  • Opportunities for students to gain experience in applying research to commercial activities
  • Proof-of-concept funding for transforming research and development concepts into commercially viable products and services
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities for persons interested in transforming research into viable, commercial ventures that create jobs in this state

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