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Assistant Vice President for Research, Commercialization & Industry Partnering

Leading the office since 2007, Brian is passionate about finding creative, proactive means to bridge the gap between OSU research and commercial sectors. He has  helped the University develop strategic relationships with multiple commercial partners, creating master agreements and forming robust, active teams. Serving OSU in various roles since 2001, Brian created OSU’s first equity policy, negotiated OSU’s first equity license, and has built a team whose agreements have quadrupled license revenue in the past ten years.  He currently chairs the OSU Venture Development Fund Advisory Committee, which has funded 18 projects inside and outside of OSU totaling over $1.3M in awards in the past three years.Brian was previously employed with SeedStage, LLC, a small investment services firm  in Texas that introduced high net worth individual investors, venture firms, and corporate investors to investment opportunities matching their profiles. He focused on business model, competitive and trend research; co-authored a venture investing quarterly report; and provided feedback on new company presentations. Brian holds an M.S. degree in Science and Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas, Austin, a program focused on the rapid transfer of research, knowledge and technology from ideas to the marketplace - the "entrepreneurial wealth creation" process.