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Specializing in copyrights campus-wide, as well as innovations by the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences; Engineering; Forestry; and Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences

Senior Intellectual Property & Licensing Manager

Denis has proven experience in moving research out of the University, by identifying opportunities for licensing technology and negotiating license agreements with industry and start-up companies,   He works with faculty, staff, and students on understanding copyright and patent protection and ownership. He facilitates the filing of patents with outside counsel, and collaboratively develops strategies to move technologies into the market. A Certified Licensing Professional, he is a member of the Association of University Technology Managers.Before joining OCCD as licensing associate in 2006 , Denis was a compliance administrator in the OSU Research Office since 2002. He had five years of business experience in sales and marketing in the private sector, and is a Veteran of the US Coast Guard.  He holds a Masters degree in Applied Ethics with a minor in Communication that focused on negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.