MBA - Financial Analysis and Manufacturing

Ph.D Chemical Engineering, M.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Chemical Engineering

Jair’s recent work has focused on manufacturing cost modeling of micro-devices, computer process control, microchannel heat exchangers, and solar thermal chemical reactions. He has a great deal of experience designing and developing process control subroutines for testing performance of micro-channel devices, integrating sensors, actuators and characterization equipment during automatic process control. Jair’s area of expertise also includes surface characterization techniques such as SEM, XRD, TEM, temperature programmed reactions as well as chromatography, supercritical fluid, electrochemistry and catalyst. Currently Jair holds a Courtesy Faculty Appointment, at OSU - School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering and he hopes that his MBA thesis work will help to overcome some of the challenges of miniaturization on microdevices.