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Currently a Business Management Consultant for the Cascadian Group, a private firm dedicated to venture development, executive management consulting, as well as M&A support.  

The group is on a mission to build better businesses, and believes in reaching beyond minor incremental improvements to seek crucial opportunities that can substantially enhance a company's performance and value. 

Mr. Riker himself is a technically skilled and business-savvy senior manager with experience managing manufacturing operations and business development to achieve competitive market advantages. He has a solid record for driving operational and manufacturing efficiencies through Lean initiatives. He is adept at analyzing production systems and client requirements, identifying root causes of problems, and delivering strategically-focused decisions that deliver positive financial results for both client and company.

Jay also worked as the Director of Manufacturing Operations at Agere Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Vice President of Manufacturing at He started his career as a scientist at NREL and graduated from University of Denver.