MBA - Commercialization

M.S. Civil Engineering, B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michael Berry is currently an MBA student at Oregon State University with a focus on commercialization. He is concurrently completing this degree and working with the Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development assisting with the appraisal and commercialization of intellectual property along with supporting startup/ company development.


Michael joins the Venture Internship Program having recently completed an MS degree in Civil Engineering at OSU with a focus on water resources and coastal processes. With a background in applied sciences his areas of interest broadly include Hydrology, Groundwater Hydraulics, Geology, Coastal and Geotechnical Engineering, Alternative Energy, Civil/Mechanical Design and Construction.


As a dynamic, hard working and diligent individual Michael continually strives for perfection while seeking to challenge himself. Varied professional jobs, leadership roles, internships and volunteer positions in the arenas of private business, public agencies and academia in addition to work with non-profits and the local community have provided him with a broad spectrum of applied knowledge. These experiences combined with a passion for people, learning and making a difference have motivated him to join the VIP program where he assists with the collaborate development of business strategies, market analyses and IP evaluations serving the OSU community. Michael looks to combine his technical background with practical business knowledge in order to better prepare himself for future engineering and business endeavors.