Mechanical Engineering, Honors College

Sean is a senior in Mechanical Engineering who is very excited to be working as an intern in the Venture Accelerator Program. The internship perfectly combines learning about interesting new technologies while getting to explore commercialization and business development. Sean’s interest in business comes from his desire to very soon start and run his own company.

Sean grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, and throughout his childhood and young adult life has been actively ski racing, running, golfing, fishing, and cycling. He was led to his current field of study by his love of building and learning how things work, and each term enjoys studying Mechanical Engineering more and more. Sean took his studies abroad in 2012 to Sweden and Germany, traveling outside the USA for the first time. Skiing in the Arctic Circle, seeing the northern lights, and hiking in the Alps with his brother were some of the highlights, and he has plans to do much more traveling in the future.

His extracurricular activities include being a leader in his fraternity, playing intramural sports, and participating in OSU Aeronautics and Astronautics club, which he has recently joined.

After Sean graduates, he plans on being an engineer working with cars, aircraft, spacecraft or skis.