Intellectual Property Protection
Patenting an invention derived from OSU research is generally the first step in commercializing a technology and maximizing its value to the inventor, OSU, and society. Patenting intellectual property incentivizes the investment necessary for commerical development and protects teh interests of its creators and investors. For how it works go to:
Why seek a patent?

Startup Company - 8 Step Process Guideline
A summary guide for faculty entrepreneurs wanting to start a new technology company.  The 8 major steps for a startup are described from invention conception, patent protection, licensing and commercialization. 

10 Steps for Innovators 
Terra Magazine blog - Follow the trail from idea to outcome

Frequently Asked Questions
Concise information regarding intellectual property protection, publishing, royalty sharing, and technology transfer at OSU.

IP Awareness Assessment
The IP Awareness Assessment, developed under the joint efforts of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and National Institute of Standards and Technology/Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST/MEP), allows you to assess your intellectual property awareness. Following the completion of the assessment, you will receive a customized training material. Learn more

How to Conduct a Preliminary U.S. Patent Search: A Step by Step Strategy (36 minutes)
A step-by-step tutorial for conducting prior art searches using the USPTO databases.

Information on OSU, Oregon University System, US, and International policies, regulations, and resources relating to technology transfer and intellectual property.

An overview of license, option, confidentiality, material transfer and other types of agreements relating to technology transfer.

The OSU Venture Fund
The Fund aids nascent technologies emerging from university laboratories in becoming commercially viable and helps small technology companies grow in Oregon. The OSU Venture Fund webpage provides information, including details on available funding opportunities.