OSU Inventor Portal is used for disclosing intellectual property to the Office for Commercialization & Corporate Development. The online disclosure form is to be filled in and submitted by the inventor(s), and is then completed in conjunction with OCCD Licensing Manager. It provides the basis for an assessment of patentability and market opportunity. 

Once a disclosure is submitted, OCCD will send each inventor an email confirmation, which includes an OSU docket number and contact information for the licensing manager assigned to your invention.  

Public disclosure, sale or offer for sale of intellectual property (IP) prior to obtaining protection will seriously limit the ability to obtain patent protection. OCCD policy requires a minimum of TWO WEEK'S NOTICE of publication to guarantee timely evaluation and necessary protection.  

Common Examples of a Public Disclosure: 

  • Publication of a manuscript in a printed or online journal 
  • A displayed poster 
  • A presentation to an audience 
  • A lecture describing undisclosed inventions (including class-room lectures) 
  • A non-confidential customer/vendor meeting 
  • Sale or offer for sale of a "product" resulting from the IP 

If you have an invention that you are planning to disclose please contact our office as soon as possible.   

For any other assistance with OSU Inventor Portal or questions about public disclosure please contact OCCD or 541-737-1732. 

Additional Inventor Resources We’re committed to connecting OSU researchers and inventors with the resources needed to take their work into the wider marketplace with confidence.  This Includes FAQ's, Policies, Agreements, and IP search tips.