Throughout all three stages, the following resources and additional components of the program will assist OSU Advantage Accelerator clients toward early success.

    • Mentoring with industry and entrepreneurial experts;
    • One-on-one consulting sessions;
    • Strategic review sessions;
    • Access to a cadre of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR);
    • Access to special Seed Grants and OSU Venture Fund;
    • Regular one-to-one meetings with active investors;
    • Hands on workshops focused on entrepreneurial development;
    • Monthly CEO roundtable;
    • Networking events;
    • Referral network.


    The Mentoring Program includes volunteer mentors that are seasoned veterans of the corporate, legal, investment and entrepreneurial community. Membership to each mentoring team is made by invitation only.

    Mentors are selected based on their ability to contribute to the mission of the program through their experience in coaching innovators, creating new high-impact ventures, and for their enthusiasm for the Mentoring Program. Relationships between mentors and members are formed based on the needs and preferences of the members and the interests of the available mentors.

    Mentors are central to achieving the Program’s mission, and each mentor’s participation in the mentoring program is contingent upon their adherence to the OSU Advantage Accelerator guidelines. As important members of the entrepreneurial community, mentors provide coaching and open their valuable contact lists to our clients. Additionally, they may recommend other resources including other volunteer mentors to assist the emerging organization.

    One on One Sessions

    Each client recieves a one on one session with the co-directors and mentor sessions. These are directed specifically toward the CEO and client business. One on one sessions reinforce the deliverables and requirements of the program.

    Strategic Review Meetings

    Review meetings between the client’s principals or officers and mentors are held at a minimum once per quarter. These meetings focus on current challenges, specific milestones and intended strategy. The co-directors will also attend these meetings.

    Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR)

    The Executives in Residence program brings successful entrepreneurs to our Program to help catalyze client companies by leveraging their industry, team building and capital formation skills. By sourcing this talent from the local region, the program selects peers that have faced similar challenges in successfully commercializing research or early stage technology. EIRs will act as a role model, coach and mentor. We expect that EIRs will seek a startup opportunity to lead. 

    Seed Grants and OSU Venture Fund

    Seed grants are available through the OCCD office for technology feasibility. The Beaver Fund is currently in formation.

    Investor One-to-One

    Our extended network includes angels and venture capitalists. Selected clients will have the opportunity to hold private discussions on their opportunity.


    OSU Advantage Accelerator will hold monthly educational workshops. Topics focus on entrepreneurial issues that founders commonly face, and are held in an experiential learning environment. Examples of topics would include effective networking, technology leadership, the CEO You, eand more.

    CEO Roundtable

    The CEO roundtable is a peer advisory group approach. It is a resource for operational issues and opportunities CEOs will face. The cohort members set the agenda of each meeting and the co-directors are happy to help facilitate the meeting.

    Networking Events

    There are many networking events at OSU and in the Willamette Valley region. OSU Advantage Accelerator will endeavor to calendar and obtain discounts for these events. In addition, the Accelerator will hold a number of specific events to showcase your products. 

    Referral Network

    OSU Advantage Accelerator has a large referral network to service providers that offer discounted rates to clients.

    Our advisory and mentoring committees open their contact lists to make introductions to potential clients, strategic partners and other stakeholders.