Innovation, Economic, & Societal Impact

Internally, the OSU Advantage team brings together unparalleled, holistic resources and activities to maximize OSU’s impact. We:

  • Offer and connect to a wide range of resources supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop intellectual property protection strategies
  • Support the development of high-growth companies through tailored programing and aligned funding
  • Execute research, confidentiality, material transfer, licensing, and other industry agreements
  • Provide access to unique tooling and development opportunities aligned with advanced technologies and manufacturing.

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For External Partners

OSU is a leading driver, resource and steward for a strategic innovation economy in Oregon and beyond. The OSU Advantage is your link to access innovation, connect with emerging startups, and execute research, testing, and service agreements that can help drive bottom-line business success and solve problems. You will realize a great return on your investment. That's the advantage of working with Oregon State University.

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