Deadly Volehole: Associate Professor, Dana Sanchez from the Dept. of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences is developing a lethal, surface-sitting trap for voles that capitalizes on the animals’ burrow (hole) using habits, while offering customers a durable, easy to use tool to allow them to control populations of our most numerous and conflict-involved wildlife pests.

Livestock of the World: OSU Alumni, John Andresen is developing an online marketplace for livestock sales for small to medium ranchers.

OSU ECat: Associate Professor, Zhenxing Feng is working to make PEM electrolyzer competitive in the current market. To address this, he and his team are developing highly efficient, stable electrocatalyst that can operate in acidic conditions.

RegeneShare: Undergraduate Computer Science major, Timothy Marias and community member, Jim Cupples is developing a peer-to-peer rental platform for farm equipment and services.

Rootopia: Professor of Practice, Michelle Markesteyn is developing Gardening tools adolescents want and that work. We seek to develop a branded category solution of Rootopia physical tools coupled with edutainment (books and videos) co-created by youth for adolescents in grades 4-8. Her work in the public sector and at OSU Extension demonstrates a unique market need for these tools.

The PVC Upcyclers: Graduate student Scott Svadlenak and team are developing a process to convert waste PVC containing plastics to waxes which can be sold into the market as adhesives or coated paper that then can be recycled. Think frozen food boxes that are coated paper that can’t currently be recycled.

Protein Electrosynthesis Group: Professor, Hong Liu and Postdoc, Luguang Wang are developing a benchscale system to demonstrate the generation of single cell proteins from organic waste which can supplement animal feed, reducing the cost of feed and managing the waste product.

Toast Wear, Inc.: Gabe Garbarino leads this community based team aim to disrupt the heated garment space in 2023/24 with the release of a small portable convective heating device that is completely agnostic to any jacket, vest, gloves, pants, etc.


For the most updated information on our former clients, please check out AngelList for our Alumni profiles or our clients websites, listed below! 


Fast Sorter and Tagger: Offering culturally-responsive fellowship advising, writing, and mentoring for students from historically underrepresented groups focusing on national and international fellowships and scholarships for graduate study, research, and study abroad.

Fellowship Trek: Developing a hardware/software device which will efficiently facilitate parent based tagging, allowing genetic testing of thousands of individual salmon over short time frames to help understand the causes of salmon stock endangerment.

Plant Process Development: Uprooting the aromatic agricultural crop processing industry by developing a paradigm of production ready technologies that improve the dry product quality and increase supply chain efficiency, all while recovering an additional value stream that is unrealized in the incumbent technologies.

Scoop: Addressing reputational fraud ("catfishing") on dating and social media platforms through a patented mobile app that verifies users' identities.