Natalia Schulzenko, Andriy Morgun, Monaj Gurung and Jyothi Padiadpu. Develop novel probiotic formulations based on new Lactcoccus bacteria for treatment of diabetes

Blue River Hydroponics

Devon Krukiewicz and Melissa Dowdy are working on a Vertical Agriculture product, maximizing usable surface area to yield more crops per sq. foot

Story Teller

Michael Boly is working on a Web Application that helps business travelers and vacationers who want to easily view and share the story of their travels by freeing them of wasted time curating through a large volume of photos and creating a unique and easily shareable story that captures the essence of their trip.

Pika Blaq

Milton Jackson Jr and Dan Miller. An orthopedic rehab knee brace designed for post-surgery patients.


Michael Olsen and Ezra Che developed a framework including a number of algorithms that can automatically and efficiently process 3D point cloud data. It can process a large dataset containing hundreds of millions of points within several minutes, comparing against the manual process can take hours, if not days, excluding the required training.


Nathan Ahrens, Hailey Palmiter and Nicolas Henriquez are developing a device that determines insobriety caused by THC and alcohol, using eye response as the indicator of impairment.


Solomon Baez, Adam Higgins and David Dallas. PediaNourish will manufacture devices and materials for the optimal nourishment of premature neonates in the neonatal intensive care units. The current innovation is an automated system to control glucose infusion rates in premature infants to prevent hyper- and hypoglycemia.