Betchya – Gambling app where the individual creates a bet that anyone can accept or swipe left and reject.

CardTap Systems - develops attendance tracking and equipment usage regulation software+hardware solutions.

ReFi - solving the insecurity and inconvenience issues associated with the log-in process to public-WiFi by introducing ReFi, a mobile application that provides users with secure and automatic log-in mechanism to public Wi-Fi managed by ReFi.

ProteoNourish - creating sustainable microalgae products that can provide adequate protein nutrition to the Earth’s growing population with minimal environmental impact.

Paws Philosophy - aims to offer pet safety products like starter emergency kits equipped with first aid kit and pet supply items.

Luculer - provide new light-emitting materials and fabrication method for high-performance, eco-friendly micro-LED, a new generation display technology

MARS - a software that will estimate the volume, biomass, and vertical distribution of matter inside a forest from terrestrial point clouds.

OpenSees Cloud - Subscription-based structural analysis and design software running in the cloud.

Microbiome Engineering – The Company’s gut-brain chip will enable a drastic increase in screening capabilities for psychobiotics, probiotics, and pharmaceuticals for neuroactive compounds in vitro and greatly accelerate identification of much needed probiotics and drugs.