AgBizLogic – Sean Hammond and Clark Seavert have developed financial software for the agriculture industry.


Audible Cone – Jeffrey Pass is working on a roadside safety device for construction zones.


PAhRma Inc – Siva Kolluri, along with Dan Elson and Bach Nguyen, are working on a therapy for Type-1 diabetes.


ReNew Surfactants – Kostas Goulas, Nick Gadinas, and Kyle Reem are working on a new process to produce detergent precursors that is more economical and environmentally friendly.


NANOMAND – Chih-hung Chang is working on flexible and versatile nanomanufacturing platform for nanomaterials synthesis and deployment.


Ornamental Plant Breeding Lab – Ryan Contreras works on research and cultivar development. Specifically this project focuses on optimizing micropropogation of Norway and Amur maples.


Pacific Vaccines – Aleksandra Sikora, Benjamin Baarda, and Tim Weber are working on vaccine design and manufacturing with the goal of an effective multivalent vaccine against gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted infections.


Shockwave Diagnostics – Jeffrey Crowell is working on diagnostic equipment for explosive neurologic trauma.