Better Than Roundup: Synthetic herbicides spark fear in customers so the use of naturally occurring herbicides is preferred. The company is developing a natural product-resistance gene pair to make plants resistant to a herbicide.

Cascade Probiotics: Identifying, developing and marketing probiotics for animals starting with dogs.

Fish Sauce:  The team is working to produce a histamine-free fish sauce from Oregon fish, specifically Pacific whiting using innovative ohmic heating which utilizes much less time and energy.

Greensense Remote Sensing: Software as a service to automate farming and forestry operational tasks using drone imagery.

HEATER:  A new compressor system that takes waste heat and creates high-pressure output (work).  Applications are in HVAC and refrigeration systems and other various industrial, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications.

I be like: The project is to create a source-based collaboration platform for software engineers learning new technologies from online articles and videos.  Typically, this material becomes stale quickly which causes programming errors. We provide a place where engineers can discuss specific articles or videos rather than general errors like in StackOverflow.

Luculer:  Luculer is repeating Accelerate in their quest to achieve product/market fit.  The group is creating new light-emitting materials and fabrication methods for high-performance, ecofriendly micro-LED, a new generation display technology.

Snackable CE: Snackable CE is a digital e-learning platform, available on mobile, web and tablet, that delivers high-quality, engaging continuing education (CE) courses for dentists. The platform offers courses on a variety of topics from a wide range of certified CE content providers. Content is broken up into bite-sized or “snackable” pieces, which can be consumed conveniently and efficiently. Snackable CE also automatically tracks all of your credits and even allows you to manually enter coursework completed elsewhere in one location. The app is available for a monthly or annual subscription as well as on an individual course basis.

TARF, Tactical Augmented Reality Flashlights: We create smart flashlights that project contextualized information (based on location and application) along with light. Rather than create a completely new hardware form-factor device that people have never used before (the head-mounted display) as the vehicle for delivering AR, we instead use the ubiquitous flashlight for beam AR on to surfaces. This enables us to target specific groups of customers who already use the flashlight on a regular basis as a part of their work wherein it is an integral part of their standard- operating procedure.