Vibriosis Dipsticks 

Claudia Hase & Stephanie Porter
Developing a dipstick, which provides the rapid analysis of the presence of vibriosis contamination in oyster spelt tanks.

Precision Drip Systems

Chad Higgins
A precision irrigation system which allows for the ultimate control in water stress management. This is for high‐end crops such as grapes that create their best juice when they are stressed.


Ravi Balasubramanian & Kai Roberts

Developing pulley systems which work between muscle and tendons to increase the force of joint movment for people with replacement joints.

Spine by Design

Morgan Giers, Charla Triplett & Sonia Ahrens

Developing a predictive analytical tool to help determine which back surgery patients are more likely to need repeat surgery. 

The Blueberry Tree Company

Wei Qiang Yang & Sarah Doane

Developing a blueberry rootstock to grow blueberry trees, which will increase the yield of mechanical harvesting of blueberries.

Verve Wool

Jared & Rebekah Lloyd

Developing a farm to consumer woolen clothing company

Recycho Products

Craig Johnson

Developing a fire starter type products out of sustainable materials such as coffee grounds.

Klecker Designs

Glenn Klecker

Developing a tool which artisans can create their own molds for producing a wide variety of products