Medema Labs  

Brandon Massoni & Matt Campbell
Engineering software for planning the manufacturing process needed to create single parts as well as the assembly of parts into complete devices.


Ginny Katz
An interactive web-based communication platform for campus emergency managers to relay pre-crisis information to all campus users.


Brian Cebra, Carl Ruby, Chris Cebra

New class of targeted small molecule anticancer compounds that should be able to treat cancers that have quit responding to traditional

NexTC Inc

Jenn Amador & Cory Perkins

We manufacture the electrochromic stack needed for smart windows, including the TCO, EC, and electrolyte layers. 


Halli Briscoe
A social media based app that actively guides athletes through the recruiting process while also providing them a platform that allows them to present themselves in a professional manner.


David Ji & Heng Jiang
Zn metal batteries


Eleanor Des Jardin
Solar power blinds.

CanCure Therapeutics

Martin Pearce & Siva Kolluri
New class of small molecule anticancer compounds with a Biomarker

CKS Connections

Chad Sherwood & Connor Kumpula 
A phone application that helps bars promote themselves as well as allowing the users a fun and interactive experience with their friends.


Camryn Huntley, Halli Briscoe, Marilyn Austin
Our product is hemp pads, liners, and tampons. These products are special because they have no harmful chemicals in them that are dangerous for the human body. They come in discreet packaging made completely of hemp. Therefore, both the product and the packaging are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

All the Farms

Jim Cupples, Chris Styles, Jackie Helm
A site that allows people to see their local farms and ranches, as well as the places (stores, farmers markets, csa, delivery, etc.) those products can be purchased.