Additive Manufacture of Magnetodielectric Nanocomposites: Developing the ability to 3D print functional electromagnetic devices using commercially available 3D print technology for the purpose of focusing or enhancing radio signals coming into antennas, thus improving communications.  

Data at Home: Developing a suite of tools and plug-in/extensions to educate youth and families about energy data science and visualization.

Iney Pharmaceuticals: Enabling room-temperature storage of nucleic acid therapeutics, such as vaccines, through the use of cryptopreservatives.

MT Solutions: Developing a product to improve food & medical grade packaging by creating a closure concept built into the packaging that eliminates simple bag closure clips and mechanical bag closure clips.

Moulton Labs: Co-treatment enhancement of peptide-conjugated phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer activity

RenewCat, Inc: Developing new renewable, environmentally-friendly high-performance surfactant and disinfectant molecules derived from biomass for applications such as laundry detergents and fungicides.

RF Correlator: Technology that can filter out signal interference and reduce power consumption for smartphones, IoT devices, and military communication devices. It is intended to be used in the transceiver of a communication system, before demodulation, to block all but the relevant coded signals.