Deadly Volehole: Associate Professor, Dana Sanchez from the Dept. of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences is developing a lethal, surface-sitting trap for voles that capitalizes on the animals’ burrow (hole) using habits, while offering customers a durable, easy to use tool to allow them to control populations of our most numerous and conflict-involved wildlife pests.

Livestock of the World: OSU Alumni, John Andresen is developing an online marketplace for livestock sales for small to medium ranchers.

OSU ECat: Associate Professor, Zhenxing Feng is working to make PEM electrolyzer competitive in the current market. To address this, he and his team are developing highly efficient, stable electrocatalyst that can operate in acidic conditions.

RegeneShare: Undergraduate Computer Science major, Timothy Marias and community member, Jim Cupples is developing a peer-to-peer rental platform for farm equipment and services.

Rootopia: Professor of Practice, Michelle Markesteyn is developing Gardening tools adolescents want and that work. We seek to develop a branded category solution of Rootopia physical tools coupled with edutainment (books and videos) co-created by youth for adolescents in grades 4-8. Her work in the public sector and at OSU Extension demonstrates a unique market need for these tools.

The PVC Upcyclers: Graduate student Scott Svadlenak and team are developing a process to convert waste PVC containing plastics to waxes which can be sold into the market as adhesives or coated paper that then can be recycled. Think frozen food boxes that are coated paper that can’t currently be recycled.

Protein Electrosynthesis Group: Professor, Hong Liu and Postdoc, Luguang Wang are developing a benchscale system to demonstrate the generation of single cell proteins from organic waste which can supplement animal feed, reducing the cost of feed and managing the waste product.

Toast Wear, Inc.: Gabe Garbarino leads this community based team aim to disrupt the heated garment space in 2023/24 with the release of a small portable convective heating device that is completely agnostic to any jacket, vest, gloves, pants, etc.


For the most updated information on our former clients, please check out AngelList for our Alumni profiles or our clients websites, listed below! 

List of All Program Cohorts by Year

Accelerate 2022 Cohorts
Winter 2022 Spring 2022 Fall 2022
Adaptive Ascent Fast Sorter and Tagger Deadly Volehole
Advanced Tissue Microsystems Fellowship Trek Livestock of the World
DTOCS Plant Process Development OSU ECat
JEC Tech Scoop RegeneShare
OptiBand   Rootopia
Palm Frond Composites   The PVC Upcyclers
Prow Faucets   Protein Electrosynthesis Group
Process Transformation Technologies Labs of America   Toast Wear, Inc.
360 Sierra    
Accelerate 2021 Cohorts
Winter 2021 Spring 2021 Fall 2021
Better Than Roundup Additive Manufacture Helixen One
Cascade Probiotics Data-at-Home Nano-Heaters Group
Fish Sauce Iney Pharmaceuticals Nobel Oceans Farm
Greensense Remote Sensing MT Solutions  
HEATER Moulton Labs  
I be like RenewCat Inc  
Snackable CE RF Correlator  
Accelerate 2020 Cohorts
Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Fall 2020
Blue River Bioponics AgBiz Logic Betchya
Braction LLC Audible Cones CardTap Systems
EZDataMD PAhRma Inc Luculer
LactoBiotics ReNewCat  MARS
Metrelus Inc NANOMAND Microbiome Engineering
PediaNourish Ornamental Plant Lab Paws Philosophy
StoryTeller Pacific Vaccines ProteoNourish
  Brisance Corp  


Launch 2020 Client:

Tonsil Tech, Inc

Accelerate 2019 Cohorts
Winter 2019 Spring 2019 Fall 2019
Earthwise Engineering Medema Labs Spine by Design
Hibernation Grothuss Inc Recycho Products
Wicket Microsystems BTC-PD1 Verve Wool
Water Treatment Technology Athilego OrthoMechanica
Oregon Automation Hempress Blueberry Tree Company
Siliprin All the Farms Vibriosis Dipsticks
Vet'D HazAdapt Precision Drip Systems
Shore Right CKS Connections  
Stout Trees CanCure Therapeutics  
Accelerate 2018 Cohorts
Winter 2018 Spring 2018
BSFL Enterprise Wellio
Dog People Hedgehog Precision
Honest Hydroponics

BioTech Pigments Inc

TerrAmor Oebalus Technologies
ShoeBio LuluLox
Tempest Games Pixels by Picasso
PersonaMed Perfect Pint
phas'D Red Eye Bucha
A.I.M. Quality Care
Gobtech Pour Souls System
PAI Security  
Troll Baby  
Accelerate 2017 Cohorts
Winter 2017 Summer 2017
Biological Solutions Inc  Paidtogo 
Medlink  Tripsta Tours
Too Easy Tailgate 

Celilo Cycles

WattWatcher  TakeOff
Hearth Technologies  Advanced Sensing Technologies 
Sensible Safety Veritas Fine Roast Coffees
Smart Cones Electric Logistics LLC
Surf OR  For-word
Sunshot Energy SPLASH
Bird Bus Decoy  

In January 2016, we launched a new program series to better accommodate the stages our clients go through: Iterate, Accelerate, and Launch. Prior to that, we only ran the Accelerate Program. Alumni of the Accelerator program are listed below.

Launch 2016 Alumni
Spring 2016 Fall 2016
Bee Certain SUTUREGARD Medical
Chef Mel's Seiji's Bridge
Jitterbug Hytchr
Accelerate 2016 Alumni
Winter 2016 Summer 2016
Bee Certain* Hytchr*
Celilo Cycles SutureGard by JULVIA Technologies INC*
Chef Mel's Inc*

Keil Estate Charitable Wines

Coyle LLC* N-Ovative Technologies
Dax Bot BipH Cell
Northwest Educational Software Tone Command*
Seafood Sensor Wildwood Towers
PhArHma Oregon Automation
Pragmatic Fermentation Reactor Safety Consulting
SGWhite Engineering Seiji's Bridge*
The Alumni Mentoring Network  
Theory Software  

* = went on to Launch

Accelerator 2015 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Benny's Donuts Core Vitality Clinic
Danio Discovery eMSion
Holmwell Software Koan Technologies
NW Research Lab Pure Living
OnSchooler Thistle Dew Design
Accelerator 2014 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Agility Robotics Ampere Scientific
Baker Seed Technologies Bosky Optics
ECOKAP Irrigation for the Future
Accelerator 2013 Alumni / Affiliated Companies
Bauer Labs Beet Solar
BuyBott Cycle Jacket
eChemion Exposure Monitoring
Fan Together G-Demption
Inforemed Microflow
Multicopter NW MuTherm
OilEx Tech Onboard Dynamics
Pikly Valliscor
Vicolo Waste to Watergy