Launch is a 5-month intensive program designed to get your company to the Build and Sell level. It focuses on strong market and competitor knowledge, execution and operations, and fulfillment of a repeatable sales process.

This program works on a rolling start. Admittance following interviews with the directors.

  • Completed and Validated Right Side of the Canvas
  • MVP
  • Dedicated FTE resource to project with intent to bring on other team members as necessary
  • Proof of TAM
  • Product Validation
  • Market Validation
  • Amenable to advice from staff and mentors
  • Comply with all responsibilities and duties as outlined in client agreement and exhibits
  • Intent to drive economic growth and create jobs
  • Must participate in Accelerator events (adhoc)
  • Must report jobs plus other metrics as required
  • Give back to Accelerate cohort (as mentor, speaker, etc.)

Each month is dedicated to one or two topics followed by individual meetings. A typical month would be:

Week 1

CEO Roundtable

Week 2

Roadmapping / Work Plan Session

Week 3

One-on-One with Director

Week 4

Board Meetings. The Board is an interim Advisory council for each client consisting of Senior Programming Staff, EIRs, and one or two mentors

  • Build an enterprise capable to scale
  • High growth
  • Operational implementation
  • Market and competitive knowledge
  • Give back to Accelerate cohort (as mentor, speaker, etc)
  • Understanding of financials, funding sources, KPI’s, metrics and cash flow
  • Ability to execute on value and supply chain
  • Ability to market and sell with a sustainable business model
  • Intern Research – as needed
  • One on One sessions
  • Advanced Mentorship
  • CEO Roundtable
  • Graduation and Introduction to the community
  • Potential of funds for attending trade show (accessing customers) and/or prototype development
  • Executives in Residence
  • One-on-one session(s) with professional funding resource
  • SWAT session
  • Presentation at Demo Day
  1. Pitch decks
  2. Built Product
  3. Repeatable Sales Model
  4. Identified or completed team
  5. Sales to earlyvangelists
  6. Marketing & sales plan
  7. Funding plan
  8. Continued milestones for R & D and business milestones
  9. Understanding of cost and revenue structures
  10. Clear growth strategy