Launch is a customized, intensive program designed to get your company to the Build and Sell level. It focuses on strong market and competitor knowledge, execution and operations, and fulfillment of a repeatable sales process.

This program works on a rolling start with admittance following an invitation to apply and interviews with the Accelerator staff.

  • Previously participated in the Accelerate Program
  • Completed and Validated Right Side of the Canvas
    • Identification of Target Market
    • Product Validation
    • Market Validation
  • MVP design
  • Dedicated FTE resource to project with intent to bring on other team members as necessary
  • Amenable to advice from staff and mentors
  • Comply with all responsibilities and duties as outlined in client agreement and exhibits
  • Intent to drive economic growth and create jobs
  • Work diligently toward and make progress upon agreed upon goals 
  • Maintain established project deadlines
  • Pitch at one or more Accelerator supported events
  • Must report jobs plus other metrics as required
  • Give back to Accelerate cohort (as mentor, speaker, etc.)
  • Participate in Accelerator events (adhoc)

Individual clients will meet with both Accelerator staff and mentors on a regular basis to work toward accomplishing their goals. Accelerator staff will meeting with clients biweekly. A same month-and-a-half period in Launch may look as follows:

Week 1

Establishing needs, goals, and timelines

Week 3

Building a mentor team based on needs and goals from Wk 1

Week 5

Check-in meeting to access progress toward milestones

Week 7

Working meeting with mentor team

We will help you establish goals specific to your work. Here are some examples of what we can help you with

  • Work with Accelerator staff to establish individual goals and timelines for meeting them
  • Connect with targeted, subject matter mentors
  • Prioritize gaps the company needs filled
  • Build an enterprise capable to scale
  • Operational implementation
  • Market and competitive knowledge
  • Understanding of financials, funding sources, KPI’s, metrics and cash flow
  • Ability to execute on value and supply chain
  • Ability to market and sell with a sustainable business model
  • Develop a funding-ready pitch deck
  • Establish company culture
  • Social impact and environmental impact considerations
  • How to recruit, hire, and retain
  • The advantages and challenges of remote work
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Build with an exit strategy in mind
  • Access to interns for projects
  • One-on-one sessions with Accelerator staff
  • Building a mentor network
  • Introduction to the entrepreneurial community
  • One-on-one session(s) with professional funding resources
  • Pitching opportunity
  • Repeatable sales model
  • Identified or completed team
  • Marketing & sales plan
  • Sales to early adopters
  • Funding plan
  • Continued milestones for R&D and business milestones
  • Understanding of cost and revenue structures
  • Clear growth strategy
  • Pitch decks