Below are three of the latest innovations coming out of Oregon State University Advantage that are available for commercialization.

Patron Yellow Dry Bean Cultivar

Yellow beans are a popular food in Africa and the American tropics, but they aren’t as common in production or on dinner plates in North America. Oregon State has developed a new cultivar in the Peruano bean class that can be grown in cooler northern climates. Called Patron, it is disease-resistant to viruses like bean common mosaic and beet curly top. The new yellow bean is expected to break into growing U.S. and Mexico markets.

Diatom reproduction: Harnessing the power of algae

Diatoms are single-cell algae that are essential to the Earth’s ecosystem. Through photosynthesis, they assimilate 20 percent of all carbon dioxide on the planet. Oregon State researchers have induced controlled sexual reproduction in two strains of diatoms, opening up new possibilities for manipulating their genetics. Diatom biotechnology has applications in biofuels, high-energy feedstock, drug delivery and more.

New rumble strip alerts distracted drivers without annoying everyone else

Highway rumble strips are a simple technology that saves lives. If a driver is distracted or starts to drift off, these road patterns give them a physical jolt so they know they are veering out of their lane. However, the nuisance noise from traditional rumble strips can be disruptive to native wildlife and nearby human populations. Oregon State has designed a new rumble strip that is quieter, easy to install and still helps prevent accidents.