Below are five innovations available for commercialization that do just that.

Environmental sensor of weight and temperature

This environmental sensor is a cloud-based logger of weight and temperature. It has a very low power demand for use in remote locations. An example application of this sensor is for monitoring fuel usage patterns and fuel collection frequency and quantities in biomass cookstoves. The data it collects can help support more widespread use of environmentally friendly cookstoves and reduce the health risks of open-fire cooking in the developing world.

Transparent biosensor

A transparent sensor for determining blood glucose levels. The sensor can be built into field effect transistors to detect a variety of biological markers that are useful in health monitoring.

Soft White Winter Wheat — "Northwest Duet"

Northwest Duet wheat has superior yield potential, good winter hardiness and is resistant to stripe rust and cephalosporium stripe. Due to its tall height, it is recommended to plant Northwest Duet in intermediate to low rainfall zones of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Soft White Winter Wheat — "Northwest Tandem"

Northwest Tandem wheat has excellent yield potential, superior resistance to stripe rust and stronger winter hardiness than other varieties. It performs best in intermediate to high rainfall zones of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

A method to treat Alzheimer’s, heart and liver diseases

The technology is useful in treating age-related conditions, toxicological exposures, neurodegeneration, heart disease and liver damage. Treatment is conducted by preparation of the tripeptide glutathione or its precursors to be delivered to the mitochondria of a cell.