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There are resources to help you maximize your research impact ranging from funding opportunities, informational sessions, training programs, and more.

Oregon State is strengthening the support system for faculty and staff innovation and entrepreneurship activities by offering a variety of resources to help you maximize societal and economic impact.

Research shows that industry connections, patents and commercialization activities provide additional funding opportunities for research, increased research productivity and student success, expanded recognition and tangible societal benefit from the scientific research [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 May 6; 111(18): 6542–6547].

While there are numerous pathways toward commercialization, two key options are licensing the innovation/technology from OSU to 1) a Startup or 2) an Industry/External Company. Startup companies can be acquired by an existing industry company or go directly toward product sales and commercialization. 

Two examples of successful OSU technology commercialization are NuScale Power and Agility Robotics.

There are resources to help you along the way:

I&E Training Programs

The OSU Advantage Accelerator supports the development of high-growth companies through tailored programing and aligned funding:

  • The Iterate program is a free, four workshop series offered once per term (excluding summer) designed to help you evaluate early stage ideas from an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • The Accelerate program is an 8-10 week program offered each term (excluding summer) for participant teams to learn how to evaluate and iterate your business concept with feedback, talk to customers, design a viable business model, and present your new business concept to the world.

Support & Resources

Funding Opportunities


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