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Alvin is a junior dual majoring in Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering. His career goal is to conduct research that will make humanitarian impacts on people around the world. Recently, he has become interested in learning about the commercialization process of engineering technology and innovation, propelling him to work at the Accelerator.

At his time at OSU, Alvin has been involved in many research projects and has worked in the labs of Dr. Chih-hung Chang on nanomaterial fabrication and characterization, Dr. Liney Arnadottir on catalysis, and Dr. Chong Fang on Femtosecond Raman Spectroscopy. Last summer, he interned at UCSD with Dr. David Fenning to work on perovskite solar cells and this summer, he will intern in the MIT MRL. He is also the President of OSU's Materials Research Society.

In his free time, Alvin likes to play sports, piano, and video games.