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Jackson is interested in solving current problems using his programming skills and business drive. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Business administration specializing in innovation management. During his undergrad at OSU, Jackson spent his time volunteering with special needs children in Corvallis and staying involved in the community. After he earned two undergraduate STEM degrees he began working at Tesla in the sales department.


Jackson has a technological background and is an excellent programmer. He specializes in native mobile development for both the Android and IOS platform. His primary skills are Java, Swift, Javascript, and database schema (Firebase, EC2, SQL & SQLite). He spends his spare time building apps, attending startup weekends, and tinkering on projects with friends. He loves being able to conceptualize a project and make it come to life.


Jackson will graduate June 2019 and seek work in Oregon. He wants to build a great product that is used by millions of people, work at a VC firm, and one day be a contestant on the T.V show Survivor.