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Scott is interested in solving problems and designing products and businesses.  He is currently a student at Oregon State University pursuing a duel Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.  During his undergrad At BYU- Idaho, Scott worked as a physics tutor. Currently he is working in the Electrical Engineering Department at Oregon State University. He enjoys difficult problems and pushing himself to accomplish more than requisite.

Scott is an excellent programmer, being proficient in C++, Python, HTML, and Java.  He spends his spare time tinkering in his garage or at the school, working on different projects. He loves learning and being able to apply the things he’s learned.

Scott Laughlin graduated with his undergrad 2015 in Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2015 from BYU-Idaho. Prior to graduating, Scott served a two year mission in Brazil were he became fluent in Portuguese. Scott is currently married to his beautiful wife and have a lovely little girl. He just wants to solve a few of the world’s problems.