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Stan Baker is President and CEO at Baker Seed Technologies, Inc., a company which develops grass seeds coated with water absorbent polymers, nutrients, and crop-protection materials.

Stan has developed and implemented advanced seed coating technologies including fertilizers for agricultural, professional, and retail applications. He has taken seeds and his technologies to United States and European chain stores with lawn and garden departments. Stan has consulted and supplied cool- and warm-season grass, lawn, forage, clovers, legume, and crop seeds to retail store chains, commercial companies, agricultural farms, golf courses, and sod farms throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Specialties include: 1) crop science; 2) super-absorbent polymer technologies; 3) growing grasses and crops on salt-affected and degraded soils with low-quality and limited availability of water; 4) imports and exports; and 5) national and international sales and marketing.