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Susmita is a OSU Honors student studying Computer Science with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. Her main computer science interests lay in human-computer interaction, health analytics and artificial intelligence. She is also very passionate about social development in local and international environments. To gain real-world skills in her interest areas she has worked on various research projects and internships. This summer, Susmita interned at YI-Mobility, a digital loyalty marketing and analytics software startup in Portland, that has operations in India and the US. At YI-Mobility, Susmita worked on datasheets, competitive analyses, social media marketing and quality control of mobile apps.

Susmita grew up in Beaverton, Oregon but completed her last two years of high school in Hyderabad, India. She is proficient or has working knowledge in many languages and has the ability to communicate and adapt to different cultures and environments. While in India, Susmita and her friends worked on trying to form a business development forum that focused on working with local business leaders and high school students. Although, the forum wasn’t successful, the experience propelled Susmita to work with the OSU Accelerator.

She is a member of Engineers Without Borders and is also a board member of the Honors College Student Association. In her free time, Susmita likes to read books, watch movies, run, and bathroom sing. She is also a closet poet and has a fascination for words and their purpose.