Oregon State University, Oregon Health Sciences University, University of Oregon, and Portland State University are excited to announce....




We're excited to announce the expansion of the opportunity this summer for OSU, OHSU, UO, and PSU affiliated companies to gain investment from premier investors, including: Big Idea VenturesElevate CapitalOregon Venture FundONAMIRogue Venture PartnersCascade Seed Fund, Zigzag Ventures, 9Zero, Willamette Valley Capital, Ideaship, Industrial Technology Investment Corporation, VertueLab, and E8 Angels.


  • The solicitation will be open to OSU, OHSU, UO, and PSU affiliated companies, defined as:
    • Graduates of one of the above university's accelerator program
    • Companies with intellectual property owned by one of the universities.
  • Submissions include all required elements detailed on this page.

(Contact Karl Mundorff for eligibility questions [email protected])

Successful applicants will go through a due diligence process and finalists will make a public presentation to the assembled group of investors. Investors will make their own investment decisions and may join with others to pool an investment.

Potential investments are estimated to be in the $25,000 - $100,000 range.

Application deadline and requirements:

There are two application categories this year: Early Stage (pre-seed funding) and Later Stage (seed funding). Please reach out to your appropriate university contact for the application link.

Invited applicants must have submitted the online application and all requested documents using the online form by midnight on May 12, 2023.

As part of your application, a pitch deck is required covering at minimum the elements found in the sample pitch deck. In addition, a three-year financial pro forma (income statement and statement of cash flows) with the first year broken down by month and the following two years by quarter is required. 

It is beneficial for companies to submit Letters on Intent (LOI) from potential customers, however, it is not required. Should an applicant choose to submit a LOI, they can include it along with the pitch deck and proforma on their application. 


May 12: Application closes. All applications and supporting materials must be received by midnight PST.

May 15 – 19: Initial application review

May 26 - Notification of acceptance sent to applicants

June 5 – July 27 - Diligence done by interns overseen by staff

July 28 – Final selection of presenters. Diligence report/background information provided to the investors. 

August 10: Final pitches to investors

Market sectors:  We encourage you to review each investor’s website to understand its investment thesis and market sectors to help ensure there is an investor interested in your market.

Additional Notes: 

Though it is expected that investments will be made, there is no guarantee that any company will receive funding. All investment decisions will be made by each individual funder with no guarantee that an offer of investment will be made. 

Companies accepting investment also accept being included in marketing and promotional materials and events of the partner universities.