Moxie is a 15-month program that provides a supportive and personalized journey for OSU women* innovators. Through three distinct phases—Educate, Engage, and Execute—participants will gain essential knowledge in early-stage innovation and entrepreneurship, develop a strong network of mentors and collaborators, and receive ongoing guidance and support from Moxie staff. The program addresses common barriers faced by women in innovation, such as limited mentorship opportunities and acknowledging systemic biases.

By participating in Moxie, you will have the opportunity to increase your impact as an innovator, break through barriers, and develop the skills necessary to bring your research to the marketplace. As a selected participant, you will receive funding totaling $4,000 throughout the program. Moxie offers a dedicated mentor, who will advise you in creating a customized action plan to reach meaningful milestones for your business concept. Additionally, networking events hosted by the Advantage Accelerator will provide valuable opportunities to connect with other innovators and industry professionals.

*Moxie is a program for everyone regardless of their gender identity or expression. Everyone who identifies as a woman, as well as those who support and fight for the rights of women, are encouraged to participate in this program. 


Program Details:

Moxie is a 15-month program consisting of three main phases: Educate, Engage, and Execute. 

  1. Educate: Introduce you to crucial early-stage I&E topics and valuable campus innovation efforts, such as submitting invention disclosures and enrolling in OSU I&E programming. This phase will be completed during the 3 months of Fall Term and will include weekly in-person sessions on Fridays 10 - 11am on the OSU campus.


  1. Engage: You will be paired with a dedicated mentor who will assist you in developing an action plan to bring your research to the marketplace. This phase will be completed during the three months of Winter Term and will include weekly meetings with your mentor at a time and format that is best for you and your mentor.


  1. Execute: Provide additional I&E support, coaching, and opportunities to Moxie participants as they execute their initial plan to reach a milestone that is meaningful for their business concept. This phase will be held over 9 months for a total participation of 15 months and will include monthly virtual meetings with the Moxie staff members to check your progress.


How to Apply:

Don't miss this chance to join a dynamic community of women innovators at OSU and beyond. Apply to Moxie and be part of a program that fosters your growth, amplifies your voice, and helps you navigate the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. The application deadline is June 30. (We will begin review applications in July, and will notify applicants of next steps prior to the fall start date.)



Mentor Interest Form:

If you're interested in joining this program as a mentor please complete this brief contact form so we can set up a conversation with you to discuss how you can become more involved.

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