The OSU Advantage Accelerator is focused on high-growth, traded sector startup and early stage organizations. We offer a unique three program approach designed to best assist clients at all stages of growth.

The main components to the OSU Advantage Accelerator Program are overviewed below, please click on the program name for more information.


Iterate Your Idea

This hybrid program consists of four workshops that equip clients with a toolkit to evaluate ideas from a entrepreneurial mindset. Clients in this stage work to identify a potential product, market and industry for their idea. 


Accelerate Your Growth

This ten-week program focuses on product market fit. Each Accelerate client engages in customer and develops a minimal viable product. Clients in this stage will test the feasibility of their startup and validate their business models. Feasibility develops early adopters – target customers, and clearly articulates the benefits as compared to competitors. 


Launch Your Company

Clients in this stage will launch their startup. Launch is a five-month, immersive program designed to make each startup fully operational - from completeing the team to developing a repeatable sales model. Clients focus on execution through a strong market and competitor knowledge, operations, building a customer pipeline and fufilling early orders. This phase is focused on growth, project management and efficiency. At this stage, clients are seeking to ramp up their company from a research and development company to becoming a product manufacturing and marketing company.


Whether an entrepreneur is just getting started or has been working on their startup idea for some time, we have programs to best support your development needs.


Our Team is happy to discuss additional program information and resources anytime.