The State of Oregon, through legislation encouraging philanthropic donations targeted to support the commercialization of research at Oregon’s Universities, enabled OSU to create the OSU Venture Development Fund (UVDF). An overview of the OSU Venture Development Fund and its purpose can be found here:

As part of its UVDF program, the OSU Advantage Accelerator seeks proposals for its Accelerator Innovation and Development (AID) Fund three times per year. The AID fund is designed to provide OSU researchers with ready access to commercialization funding, engaging researchers in the best practices of commercialization with the intent of increasing the market value of the invention and provide returns on OSU generated intellectual property. This AID fund addresses two key shortcomings for researchers entering the commercialization pathway: a lack of commercialization acumen and a deficiency in early stage funding to pursue commercialization opportunities.

Proposals can be submitted for OSU-owned innovations developed by OSU faculty, staff, and/or graduate students in any discipline that require a modest input of funding (from $5,000 to $15,000).

Funded projects are expected to move OSU technology closer to commercialization, ultimately resulting in a license either with an Oregon-based industry partner or with a new startup company. Startup companies may be founded by OSU inventors. Funded projects must have team members that participate in an Accelerate cohort

Status of AID Fund Request for Proposals: the last RFP closed on FEBRUARY 28, 2020. The next round will be announced in late summer.

Please contact Katie Pettinger at with any questions.